Thirty-fourth session


Sub-Committee on the General Programme of Work

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered Part 1 of the report of the Sub-Committee on the General Programme of Work;*

  1. ENDORSES the conclusions and recommendations of the Sub-Committee in relation to WHO cooperation in the field of nursing in the context of primary health care;
  2. THANKS the Sub-Committee for its work;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to:
    (1) take the Sub-Committee's views, conclusions and recommendations into consideration in developing future programmes of cooperation;
    (2) ensure that the nursing discipline is adequately represented within the WHO Secretariat in the Western Pacific Region;
  4. REQUESTS the member of the Sub-Committee to continue to:
    (1) review and analyse the impact of WHO's cooperation with Member States;
    (2) review, monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategies for health for all by the year 2000.

* WPR/RC34/6

09 September 1983

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