Thirty-third session


Technical Discussions

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the background material provided for a discussion on the usefulness of the Technical Presentations held during annual sessions of the Regional Committee;*

         Notwithstanding resolution WPR/RC25.12 by which it was decided that Technical Discussions would henceforth be supplanted by a Technical Presentation;

         Agreeing that technical discussions on subjects which representatives can discuss informally might prove more useful than a technical presentation;

  1. DECIDES that Technical Discussions, in a modified form, should henceforth be held in conjunction with sessions of the Regional Committee instead of a Technical Presentation;
  2. DECIDES FURTHER that the subject of the Technical Discussions in 1983 shall be "Health management information system development".

* WPR/RC33/17 and Corr.1

24 September 1982

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