Thirty-third session


Resolutions of Regional Interest Adopted by the Executive Board at its Sixty-ninth Session and the Thirty-fifth World Health Assembly

         The Regional Committee,

         TAKES NOTE of the following resolutions adopted by the Executive Board at its sixty-ninth session and the Thirty-fifth World Health Assembly:

WHA35.2 - Changes in the programme budget for 1982-1983
WHA35.17 - Collaboration with the United Nations System - general matters: Health implications of development schemes
WHA35.22 - Diarrhoeal diseases control programme
WHA35.25 - Seventh General Programme of Work covering a specific period (1984-1989 inclusive)
WHA35.27 - Action programme on essential drugs
WHA35.28 - Health care of the elderly
WHA35.30 - Long-term planning of international cooperation in the field of cancer
WHA35.31 - Expanded programme on immunization
EB69.R9 - Action in respect of international conventions on narcotic and psychotropic substances.

22 September 1982

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