Thirty-second session


WHO's Structure in the Light of Its Function

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered Part III of the report of the Sub-Committee on the General Programme of Work on WHO's structures in the light of its functions;*


         Noting the progress made in the Western Pacific in implementing the operative paragraphs of resolution WHA33.17;

  1. ENDORSES the action taken and the proposals for future action, as well as the comments of the Sub-Committee;
  2. REQUESTS the Sub-Committee, under its mandate to review, monitor and evaluate implementation of strategies for health for all by the year 2000, to review ways of intensifying the development of regional health policies and programmes in support of national, regional and global strategies;
  3. WELCOMES the improved communication which is developing between the Regional Committee and the Executive Board;
  4. INVITES members of the Executive Board who attend sessions of the Regional Committee as representatives of Member States to comment, as appropriate, on issues of special interest for regional activities;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to include on the agenda of a future session of the Regional Committee, a review of mechanisms for improving interrelationship between the Regional Committee, the Executive Board and the World Health Assembly;


             Recalling the principle that health for all by the year 2000 means health through the people;

             Drawing attention to the fact that the Western Pacific Region has the highest population of any WHO Region;

             Aware of the present criteria for electing a Member entitled to designate a person to serve on the Executive Board;

             RECOMMENDS to the Executive Board, and through it to the World Health Assembly, that consideration should be given to devising a means of increasing the number of Members from the Western Pacific Region entitled to designate a member of the Board.

* WPR/RC32/8

25 September 1981

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