Thirty-first session


Thirty-second and Thirty-third Sessions of the Regional Committee

         The Regional Committee,

         Bearing in mind resolution WPR/RC24.R10,

  1. EXPRESSES its appreciation to the Government of the Republic of Korea for confirming its offer to act as host to the thirty-second session of the Regional Committee;
  2. CONFIRMS that the thirty-second session will be held in Seoul, provided a satisfactory agreement is concluded between the Government and WHO by 31 March 1981;
  3. DEClDES that the dates of the thirty-second session shall be 22 to 28 September 1981;
  4. DECIDES FURTHER that the thirty-third session of the Regional Committee in 1982 shall be held at regional headquarters in Manila, for five or six continuous working days, from Monday to Friday, or Saturday if necessary.

15 September 1980

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