Thirty-first session


Control of Malaria in the Western Pacific Region

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the present situation with regard to malaria in the Western Pacific Region, with special reference to the malaria risk for international travellers;*

  1. URGES Member States:
    (1) to prevent the establishment of an imported vector population through the institution of appropriate anti-mosquito measures at international ports and airports, and the effective disinsection of aircraft on international flights;
    (2) to provide adequate diagnostic and treatment facilities for imported cases of malaria in non-endemic areas, and proper advice on malaria prophylaxis to outgoing residents through the medical profession as well as through agencies involved in international travel;
    (3) to pursue, within the overall framework of national antimalaria campaigns, the coordination of antimalaria operations along their common borders and, where applicable, the institution of protective measures against malaria in high-risk development projects employing imported manpower;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue to ensure the regular dissemination of documentation on the global malaria situation;
    (2) to keep Member States informed:
    (i) on the occurrence of drug-resistant malaria;
    (ii) on the latest developments in the field of malaria chemotherapy and prophylaxis; and
    (iii) on anti-mosquito measures, with emphasis on more effective larval control.

* WPR/RC31/26

15 September 1980

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