Thirty-first session


Abuse of Narcotic and Psychoactive Substances

         The Regional Committee,

         Taking into account resolution WHA33.27 adopted by the Thirty-third World Health Assembly concerning greater attention to drug abuse in WHO programmes;

         Considering United Nations General Assembly resolution 34/177, calling for increased activity in the implementation of drug abuse prevention and control programmes by the United Nations and its specialized agencies;

         Recognizing that the growing abuse of heroin, opiates, cocaine, cannabis and psychoactive drugs knows no national boundaries;

         Recognizing further that drug abuse has a particularly detrimental impact on public health and must be addressed at the community level;

         Being aware of the multisectoral aspects of the WHO goal of health for all by the year 2000 and the role of primary health care in achieving that goal;

  1. CALLS the attention of the Member States of the WHO Western Pacific Region to the aforementioned resolutions and to the relevance of those resolutions to the Member States of the Region;
  2. URGES Member States more fully to utilize the expertise and resources of WHO in the drug abuse field by defining opportunities to incorporate drug abuse components in their evolving national strategies for health for all and in their biennial national programmes;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to prepare periodic progress reports summarizing the status of drug abuse in the Region, describing the current activities of WHO in the Western Pacific Region relating to drug abuse, including sources of funding (both regular and extrabudgetary), and proposing new approaches that Member States might consider for addressing this increasing health problem in their national strategies and in their programme proposals to WHO.

12 September 1980

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