Thirtieth session


The WHO Fellowship Programme

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report presented by the Regional Director on the WHO fellowship programme;*

         Considering that implementation of the recommendations made by the representatives of Member States at the Conference on Regional Cooperation in the WHO Fellowship Programme will improve the health manpower development programme in general and fellowship activities in particular;

         Recognizing that those recommendations carry with them the support of Member States and that the improvements suggested will depend upon the national will to use the fellowship programme more effectively;

  1. THANKS the Member States that have up to the present received fellows for training;
  2. ENDORSES the proposals for future action, on the part of WHO and Member States, in implementation of the recommendations of the Conference, particularly the recommendations aimed at rationalizing the administrative arrangements for receiving and supporting an increased number of fellows;
  3. URGES Member States to accept full responsibility for implementing those proposals in collaboration with WHO;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue evaluation of the fellowship programme, particularly of the utilization of former fellows on return to their home countries.

* WPR/RC30/16

05 October 1979

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