Thirtieth session


Country Health Programming

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolutions WHA31.12 on country health program and WHA32.30 on the formulation of strategies for health for al the year 2000;

         Reiterating the importance of country health programme health development;

         Having considered the present status of country health programming in the Region;*

  1. URGES Member States to:
    (1) introduce and strengthen country health programme integrated health development;
    (2) set up adequate mechanisms for implementation and further development of country health programming;
    (3) establish national centres for health development which will undertake training and research in country health programming;
    (4) cooperate with each other in training activities and in exchanging experience in country health programming real and development, in the spirit of regional self-reliance health matters;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue to:
    (1) cooperate with Member States in introducing and strengthening the country health programming process;
    (2) strengthen mechanisms for the support of country health programming at national and regional level.

* WPR/RC30/15

05 October 1979

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