Thirtieth session


Health and the New International Economic Order

         The Regional Committee,

         Noting resolutions 3201 (S-VI) and 3202 (S-VI) adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations;

         Recognizing that socioeconomic development is dependent on the health of the population contributing to it;

         Further recognizing the leading role to be played by WHO in the promotion of health in order to contribute to the New International Economic Order;

         Bearing in mind its deliberations on the formulation of national strategies and plans of action towards health for all by the year 2000;

  1. URGES Member States of the Region to continue their efforts in the transfer of appropriate technology and resources, in technical cooperation among both developed and developing countries and in implementation of the primary health care approach towards improved health for all;
  2. FURTHER URGES Member States to continue their efforts towards health development, without which genuine socioeconomic development cannot be attained.

05 October 1979

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