Thirtieth session


Sub-Committee on the General Programme of Work

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered Part I of the report of the Sub-Committee on the General Programme of Work;*

  1. ENDORSES the views expressed in the report;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to take those views into consideration in developing the programme of cooperation for the Region;
  3. REQUESTS the Sub-Committee to meet during the present session and to discuss the way in which the regional report on WHO's structures in the light of its functions should be transmitted to the Director-General;
  4. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to transmit the regional report to the Director-General without further reference to the Regional Committee;
  5. REQUESTS the members of the Sub-Committee to continue, as their main task, review and analysis of WHO's collaboration with Member States;
  6. CONFIRMS the Sub-Committee's amended terms of reference to include the studies connected with the formulation of strategies for health for all by the year 2000.

* WPR/RC30/11 Part I

04 October 1979

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