Twenty-ninth session


Programme on Diarrhoeal Diseases Control

         The Regional Committee,

         Concerned by the rates of the morbidity and mortality from acute diarrhoeal diseases, particularly in children;

         Having reflected on the discussion during the Technical Presentation, which stressed the health and socio-economic aspects of diarrhoeal diseases;

         Noting with satisfaction resolution WHA31.44 and the action already taken by the Organization at the country and regional levels, in order to establish programmes aimed at the control of diarrhoeal diseases;

  1. URGES Member States of the Region to cooperate in the regional programme for control and to establish national programmes within the framework of primary health care;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (i) to solicit from member States contributions, in funds or in kind, towards the development of the programme of diarrhoeal diseases in developing countries of the Region;
    (ii) to cooperate with UNICEF and other international and national agencies in obtaining support for action against diarrhoeal diseases;
    (iii) to promote technical cooperation with and among Member States, in particular in the training of health workers at different levels and in the exchange of experience gained by those Member States;
    (iv) to promote research activities aimed at the development and evaluation of various systems of diarrhoeal diseases control in rural and sub-urban populations at high risk;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to keep the Regional Committee informed of the progress made in the implementation of the regional programme on diarrhoeal diseases control.

25 August 1978

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