Twenty-ninth session


Regional Coordinating Group on the Mental Health Programme

         The Regional Committee,

         Realizing the growing world-wide concern for problems of mental health, not least the importance of psychosocial factors in relation to health as expressed in resolutions WHA27.53 and WHA29.21;

         Noting with satisfaction the broad emphasis on social relevance in the regional mental health programme and the steps already taken towards implementing that programme;

         Recognizing the immense impact on health experienced throughout the Region as a result of rapidly changing life styles and value systems;

         Recognizing further the need to ensure that mental health programmes at national and regional levels are coherent, socially relevant and better coordinated;

  1. URGES Member States to formulate or review, as necessary, mental health policies within overall health policies; consider establishing national coordinating mechanisms for mental health programmes; and intensify collaboration with WHO;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to establish a coordinating group for the regional mental health programme in order to strengthen and facilitate collaboration with the global coordinating group as well as with Member States;
  3. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to appoint the members of the coordinating group and convene meetings of the group as and when necessary.

24 August 1978

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