Twenty-eighth session


Western Pacific Regional Centre for the Promotion of Environmental Planning and Applied Sciences (PEPAS)

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report provided by the Regional Director on the feasibility of establishing a centre for environmental health sciences, *

  1. THANKS the Regional Director for his report;
  2. THANKS the Government of Japan for the special assistance given in carrying out the feasibility study;
  3. NOTES the findings and recommendations of the team which carried out the feasibility study contained in Annex 1 of document WPR/RC28/7;
  4. AGREE:
    (1) with the consensus of national officials visited by the team that there is an important need for a Centre to promote:
    (a) the development of national environmental policies and planning capabilities;
    (b) the education and training of environmental manpower;
    (c) the exchange of environmental information orientated to human health and well being; and
    (d) the identification and adaptation of appropriate technology in the field of environmental health and engineering;
    (2) that the primary objectives of the Centre should be:
    (a) to promote and facilitate collaboration between environmental institutions and personnel of Member States within the Region; and
    (b) to support the development by Member States of self-reliant institutions and capabilities in the field of environmental health;
  5. CONCURS in the suggestion that the title Western Pacific Regional Centre for the Promotion of Environmental Planning and Applied Studies (PEPAS), more accurately describes the objectives and functions envisaged for the Centre;
  6. AUTHORIZES the establishment of such a centre with the above-mentioned functions and objectives and as explained in detail in the report of the team which carried out the feasibility study;
  7. AUTHORIZES the establishment of an Advisory Committee, with members to be appointed by the Regional Director, to review and provide guidance on the technical cooperation programme of the Centre. The Committee should meet biannually and should consist of four members one of whom should come from the country where the Centre is located;
  8. ACCEPTS with appreciation the offer of the, Government of Malaysia to act as host to the Centre and to provide space and support services to enable it to operate and; AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to negotiate with the Government on the location and essential aspects of protocol, physical space and other support for the operation of the Centre;
  9. EXPRESSES its appreciation to the Government of the United States of America and the Governor of Guam for their generous offer to host the Centre;
  10. APPRECIATES the fact that resources funding for the 1978 operations is already assured and that that for 1979 is partially assured, with some additional resources being required for that year;
  11. APPEALS to those Members of the Region in a position to do so to make voluntary contributions to help to support the continuous operations of the Centre and further, expresses the hope that other Members of the Organization will also wish to support the Centre;
  12. REQUESTS the Regional Director to explore other sources of support for the Centre, such as UNDP, UNEP, private foundations and urges Members of the Region to support the Regional Director in his endeavours;
  13. FURTHER REQUESTS the Regional Director to make suitable provisions in his programme budget proposals for such part of the financing for the Centre as he considers appropriate, within the total programme for the Region.

* WPR/RC28/7 and Add.1

12 September 1977

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