Twenty-eighth session


Jacques Parisot Foundation Fellowship for Research in Social Medicine or Public Health

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report of the Working Group formed to review the proposals for research submitted by candidates nominated by Member States for the Jacques Parisot Foundation Fellowship, *

  1. DECIDES that the following three candidates be requested to provide additional information on their research proposals for forwarding to the Regional Advisory Committee on Medical Research to enable it to make final recommendations to the Jacques Parisot Foundation:
    (1) Dr M.F. Bonifacio. Republic of the Philippines;
    (2) Dr Jhong-Hae Kim. Republic of Korea;
    (3) Professor Woon Kwee Ng Cheng Hin, Singapore;
  2. Respectfully SUGGESTS that the Jacques Parisot Foundation could assist in the selection of future candidates for the fellowship by providing better defined guidelines for eligibility.

* WPR/RC28/15

12 September 1977

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