Twenty-eighth session


Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries (Establishment of a subcommittee)

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report of the Regional Director on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries, *

  1. DECIDES that a subcommittee on technical cooperation among developing countries be established, to meet annually at the time of the Regional Committee sessions, to make recommendations to the Regional Committee on the action to be taken in the Western Pacific Region to develop national self-reliance in matters of health, by fostering cooperation among countries or areas in the Region in ways which are relevant to the population;
  2. DECIDES that during the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth sessions of the Regional Committee the Sub-Committee be composed of the Chief Representatives of Japan, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Korea and Singapore, after which the membership will be reconsidered by the Regional Committee;
  3. FURTHER DECIDES that the first report of the Sub-Committee be submitted to the present twenty-eighth session of the Regional Committee.

* WPR/RC28/10

07 September 1977

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