Twenty-seventh session


Sixth General Programme of Work Covering a Specific Period: Priorities for In-Depth Studies

         The Regional Committee,

         Having noted the report of the Working Group on the application of the Sixth General Programme of Work within the Western Pacific Region, *

         Referring particularly to operative paragraph 2(b) of resolution WHA29.20 adopted by the Twenty-ninth World Health Assembly;

         REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit to the Director-General for the consideration of the Executive Board the following recommendations:

(1) that the programme areas listed below. of high priority within the Western Pacific Region, are suitable for in-depth study by the Executive Board:
(a) primary health care,
(b) prevention and control of communicable diseases.
(c) nutrition;
(2) that stress be laid on the desirability of the Executive Board selecting topics which may evoke a deeper appreciation of the changing role and wider involvement of WHO in the development process, as well as the forging of closer links with other organizations in efforts towards socioeconomic development.

* WPR/RC27/Working Paper/2

10 September 1976

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