Twenty-seventh session


Sixth General Programme of Work Covering a Specific Period: Principal and Detailed Objectives

         The Regional Committee,

         Having noted resolution WHA29.20 adopted by the Twenty-ninth World Health Assembly;

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC26.R12, which indicated an order of priority for the regional programme to the principal and detailed objectives of the draft of the Sixth General Programme of Work covering a specific period (1978-1983 inclusive);

  1. NOTES that, with the exception of four detailed objectives of the Sixth-General Programme of Work approved by the World Health Assembly remain essentially the same as those contained in the draft, despite some rewording, amplification and rearrangement;
  2. REAFFIRMS that the priorities indicated in resolution WPR/RC26.R12 remain valid;
  3. ACCORDS the following priorities for the regional programme to the four new objectives:
    Section A.   3.1   To reduce maternal, perinatal, infant and childhood mortality and morbidity, and to promote reproductive health and physical and psycho-social development of the child and adolescent within the family context; Priority A

                     3.2   To collaborate with countries in the development and strengthening of the family health component of health services, including family planning and welfare; Priority A

                     7.1   To promote closer cooperation between all services concerned with health promotion and to integrate them into a single system where appropriate; Priority B

    Section B.   1.6   To develop and apply chemical, Priority B biological, genetic and other means of control, of disease vectors, intermediate hosts and reservoirs of pathogenic agents, with due regard to safety for man and the environment.

10 September 1976

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