Twenty-seventh session


Core Programmes for Child Health, with Particular Emphasis on Staff Training

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the statement of the Representative of the United Kingdom on the importance of core programmes for child, health, with particular emphasis on staff training;

         Reiterating the importance for child health of nutrition, particularly nutritional hygiene, communicable diseases and health education;

         Appreciating the interest of Member State, of the Region in the needs and problems of childhood, in particular those relating to prevalent pathology and to influences on the psychosocial development of children;

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the efforts of WHO and other United Nations agencies, in particular UNICEF;
  2. URGES Member States to continue their endeavours to meet the needs of children through intensifying the role of adequately trained staff, of all disciplines and at all levels, in promoting activities for improving the outcome of pregnancy and controlling the prevalence of diseases and factors which bear on the psychosocial development of children;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue to give all possible assistance to Member States encountering problems in the training of health staff to enable them to promote activities benefiting children.

10 September 1976

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