Twenty-seventh session


WHO's Role in the Development and Coordination of Biomedical Research: Greater Involvement of the Regions in Research

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the progress report provided by the Regional Director on the greater involvement of the Western Pacific Region in the development and coordination of biomedical research, *

  1. THANKS the Regional Director for his report;
  2. NOTES with satisfaction:
    (1) the recent establishment of a post of regional adviser in biomedical research;
    (2) the creation of the Regional Advisory Committee on Medical Research;
    (3) the recommendations resulting from the feasibility study for the designation of a WHO regional centre, or centres, for research and training in tropical diseases, including the effects of malnutrition;
  3. APPROVES the recommendations of the experts carrying out the feasibility study and, subsequently, those of the Regional Advisory Committee on Medical Research that:
    (1) the Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, be strengthened, and eventually designated a WHO regional centre for research and training in tropical diseases;
    (2) close cooperation be developed with the multidisciplinary programme of operational research in the Republic of Korea; and
    (3) three task forces be established to advise on the development of regional research programmes in health services, in parasitic and other communicable diseases and in cardiovascular diseases;
  4. REALIZES that additional funds will be required to implement the above-mentioned recommendations;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to take the necessary steps, as far as funds become available, to implement the decisions reflected in paragraph 3 above;
    (2) to request the three task forces to develop estimated budgets for future research and administrative overheads, for review by the Regional Advisory Committee on Medical Research and presentation to the Regional Committee;
    (3) to continue approaching Member States, foundations and voluntary agencies for contributions to help in financing the research activities;
    (4) to study further the setting up of a multidisciplinary research programme on schistosomiasis in the Philippines and to report thereon to the Regional Committee at its next session;
  6. REQUESTS Member States and voluntary agencies to make funds and other forms of cooperation available for research activities in the Region.

* WPR/RC27/7

10 September 1976

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