Twenty-seventh session


Regional Centre for Environmental Health Sciences

         The Regional Committee,

         Having studied the proposal submitted by the Regional Director in document WPR/RC27/9 on the establishment of a Regional Centre for Environmental Health Sciences, *

  1. RECOGNIZES the importance of the activities in which such a Centre would be engaged;
  2. AGREES that it desirable to make the fullest possible use of technical expertise available in the Region and to consider the creation of an institution responsive to regional policies and needs;
  3. AGREES further with the proposal to conduct in early 1977 a study on the feasibility of establishing a Regional Centre;
  4. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to engage the services of consultants with terms of reference to be established in accordance with the views expressed by the Committee at its present session;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to report to the Committee at its twenty-eighth session on the findings and recommendations of the feasibility study.

* WPR/RC27/9

08 September 1976

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