Twenty-seventh session


Alcohol and Other Dependence Problems

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the progress report provided by the Regional Director in connexion with resolution WPR/RC26.11 on the above-mentioned subject, *

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the activities already undertaken and proposed by WHO;
  2. RECOGNIZES that the increasing consumption of alcohol is a major problem in many countries or areas of the Region. but that lack of basic information on the extent and characteristics of the problem is a serious hindrance to establishing adequate preventive and remedial measures;
  3. URGES Member States to promote increased awareness of the problem and to give priority to setting up data collection and monitoring systems which will be comparable on an intercountry basis, and to developing test programmes, programme evaluation and staff training;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to cooperate with Member States in giving full attention to the seriousness of alcohol related problems within the context of overall health;
  5. THANKS the Regional Director for his report.

* WPR/RC27/8 and Corr .1

08 September 1976

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