Twenty-seventh session


Resolutions of Regional Interest Adopted by the Twenty-ninth Health Assembly and the Executive Board at its Fifty-seventh and Fifty-eighth Sessions

         The Regional Committee,

         TAKES NOTE of the following resolutions adopted by the Twenty-ninth Health Assembly and the Executive Board at its fifty-seventh and fifty-eighth sessions:

WHA29.20 - Sixth General Programme of Work covering a                   Specific Period
WHA29.21 - Psychosocial factors and health
WHA29.22 - Report on the world health situation
WHA29.28 - Real Estate Fund
WHA29.31 - Voluntary Fund for Health Promotion
WHA29.32 - Organizational study on the planning for and                   impact of extrabudgetary resources on WHO's                   programmes and policy
WHA29.42 - Coordination with the United Nations system - EB57.R49    general matters: UNDP-supported activities -                   financial situation
EB57.R48 - Coordination with the United Nations system:                   general matters
EB57.R50 - Coordination with the United Nations system                   (general matters): technical cooperation among                   developing countries
WHA29.43 - International Women's Year
WHA29.45 - WHO's human health and environment                   programme
WHA29.46 - Health aspects of human settlements
WHA29.47 - Community water supply and excreta disposal
WHA29.48 - Programme budget policy
WHA29.49 - Cardiovascular diseases
WHA29.57 - Occupational health programme
WHA29.58 - Schistosomiasis
WHA29.59 - Mycotic infections
WHA29.63 - Expanded programme on immunization
WHA29.66 - Rheumatic diseases
WHA29.67 - The need for laboratory animals for the control                   of biological products and the establishment of                   breeding colonies (nonhuman primates)
WHA29.68 - Disability prevention and rehabilitation
WHA29.70 - Leprosy control
WHA29.72 - Health manpower development
WHA29.73 - Development of the antimalaria programme
WHA29.19 - Promotion of national health services and health WHA29.74   technology relating to primary health care and
EB57.R27    rural development
EB57.R17 - Development of programme evaluation in WHO
EB58.R11 - Report by the representatives of the Executive                  Board at the Twenty-ninth World Health                  Assembly: Method of Work of the Executive                  Board in relation to programme development

07 September 1976

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