Twenty-seventh session

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WPR/RC27.R1 Allocation and Management of WHO's Resources at Regional and Country Level
WPR/RC27.R2 Annual Report of the Regional Director
WPR/RC27.R3 Special Assistance to Democratic Kampuchea, the Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
WPR/RC27.R4 Resolutions of Regional Interest Adopted by the Twenty-ninth Health Assembly and the Executive Board at its Fifty-seventh and Fifty-eighth Sessions
WPR/RC27.R5 Alcohol and Other Dependence Problems
WPR/RC27.R6 Regional Centre for Environmental Health Sciences
WPR/RC27.R7 Frequency of Meetings of the Regional Committee
WPR/RC27.R8 Annual Reporting by the Regional Director
WPR/RC27.R9 WHO's Role in the Development and Coordination of Biomedical Research: Greater Involvement of the Regions in Research
WPR/RC27.R10 Core Programmes for Child Health, with Particular Emphasis on Staff Training
WPR/RC27.R11 Process in Nutritional Surveillance
WPR/RC27.R12 Topic of Technical Presentation in 1977
WPR/RC27.R13 Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth Sessions of the Regional Committee
WPR/RC27.R14 Sixth General Programme of Work Covering a Specific Period: Principal and Detailed Objectives
WPR/RC27.R15 Preparation of a Regional Programme of Work
WPR/RC27.R16 Sub-Committee on the General Programme of Work
WPR/RC27.R17 Sixth General Programme of Work Covering a Specific Period: Priorities for In-Depth Studies
WPR/RC27.R18 Technical Cooperation
WPR/RC27.R19 Budget Performance 1975 - Direct Services to Governments
WPR/RC27.R20 Revisions made to the 1977 Programme Budget Estimates
WPR/RC27.R21 Proposed Programme Budget Estimates for 1978 and 1979
WPR/RC27.R22 Tentative Projections of the Budget Estimates for 1980 and 1981
WPR/RC27.R23 Expression of Sympathy
WPR/RC27.R24 Adoption of the Report
WPR/RC27.R25 Resolution of Appreciation

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