Twenty-sixth session


Frequency of Meetings of the Regional Committee

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered:

(1) changes towards a biennial cycle generally, in WHO affairs, as evidenced by:
(a) a biennial programme budget which will come into being at such a time as the amendments to Articles 34 and 55 of the Constitution have been ratified;
(b) resolution WHA28.29 adopted by the Twenty-eighth World Heal the Assembly which considered that the Director- General should publish his full report in even numbered years, with only an interim statement in odd-numbered years, * and
(2) the saving of costs in manpower and financial resources in both the Regional Office and for Member States which would accrue if the sessions of the Regional Committee were held every other year instead of annually;

         But having noted that,

(1) the World Health Assembly still holds an annual session from which recommendations are sent to the Regional Committee, some of which may require urgent action;
(2) the Regional Director and his staff may find procedural difficulties in implementing a change;

         REQUESTS the Regional Director to consider the implications of changing the sessions of the Regional Committee to a biennial sequence, to report his findings to Member States and to include this subject as an agenda item for discussion at the twenty-seventh session of the Regional Committee.

* Official Records, No. 226, 1975, pp. 13-14

04 September 1975

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