Twenty-sixth session


Drug Dependence and Alcoholism

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the progress report provided by the Regional Director in connexion with resolution WPR/RC25.R3 the above- mentioned subject, *

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the activities already undertaken by WHO and the progress accomplished;
  2. WELCOMES the recommendations of the working group on measures for the prevention and control of drug dependence;
  3. EXPRESSES the hope that experience gained from the current programme will be widely shared and will lead to the active involvement of Member States in the development of effective methods for controlling drug dependence and alcoholism;
  4. URGES the governments to initiate and intensify programmes of education, legislation, treatment and rehabilitation and to maintain effective monitoring systems in order to assess the problem, rapidly detect new trends, and identify localities and population groups where the problem of drug abuse and alcoholism is severe;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue and further strengthen the efforts to:
    (a) assist Member States in collecting epidemiological data and devising monitoring systems, developing and improving action programmes to combat drug dependence and alcoholism, training national personnel, and establishing treatment and rehabilitation services for drug dependants; and
    (b) coordinate efforts and disseminate information on programmes for the control of drug dependence including alcoholism;
  6. CALLS the attention of the Member States to the assistance that may be available to them from the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control;
  7. REQUESTS the Regional Director to include the topic of alcoholism as a separate agenda item at the next session of the Regional Committee and to prepare a report on this subject in collaboration with the governments of the Region prior to that session.

* WPR/RC26/10

04 September 1975

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