Twenty-sixth session


WHO's Role in the Development and Coordination of Biomedical Research: Greater Involvement of the Regions in Research

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA28.70 adopted by the Twenty-eighth World Health Assembly,

  1. THANKS the Regional Director for his report on WHO's role in the development and coordination of biomedical research;
  2. WELCOMES the proposal for the greater involvement of the Regional Committee and the Regional Office in promoting and coordinating appropriate programmes of biomedical research, with emphasis on applied research;
  3. NOTES that this development will depend upon:
    (a) the availability of regional staff to deal with the subject;
    (b) the provision of adequate financial resources at the regional level to supplement the limited funds available; and
    (c) the availability of adequate national resources and facilities;
  4. ENDORSES the proposals designed to strengthen and broaden the Region's role in research; in particular:
    (a) appointment of a full time staff member in the Regional Office, with supporting services, who will be responsible for research activities;
    (b) development of databases for national and regional purposes;
    (c) identification of national and regional priorities in research;
    (d) establishment of national and regional mechanisms for the promotion and coordination of research;
    (e) Where necessary, establishment of national medical research councils or analogous groups;
    (f) training of manpower in research; and
    (g) establishment of a regional advisory committee on medical research to advise the Regional Director on research activities that might be considered by the Regional Committee for development;
  5. RECOMMENDS that the Regional Director arrange a feasibility study for the establishment of a WHO regional centre for research and training in tropical diseases, including consideration of the effects of malnutrition in tropical infectious diseases, notably parasitic infections, as part of the network of WHO collaborating centres being developed for this purpose, and to report the results of such a study to the twenty-seventh session of the Regional Committee;
  6. EXPRESSES the hope that Member States and voluntary agencies will make funds and other resources available for research activities in the Region.

04 September 1975

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