Twenty-sixth session


Infant Nutrition and Breast-Feeding

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report of the Regional Director on action taken since the adoption of resolution WPR/RC25.R10;

         Noting the concern expressed by Member States in the Region regarding the need to improve the nutritional status of infants adequate supplementary feeding,

  1. URGES governments:
    (a) to increase their efforts to promote public acceptance of breast-feeding and the timely introduction of suitable supplementary food through advice to individuals, mass publicity and the revision of staff training curricula; and
    (b) to coordinate efforts in the health, social, agricultural, educational and industrial fields through the formulation and implementation of national food and nutrition policies, particular attention being paid to control of the production, content advertising and labeling of commercial infant foods;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director, in conjunction with those responsible in the other United Nations agencies, to ensure that emphasis is placed on this aspect of family health through continuing programmes in maternal and child health, nutrition, health education, family planning and staff training, the provisions of consultants and fellowships on request, and the exchange of the literature and other activities within the scope of the WHO programme.

04 September 1975

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