Twenty-sixth session


International Programme for the Improvement of Water Supply and Sanitation in Rural Areas of Developing Countries

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the statement provided by the Regional Director on the proposed international programme for the improvement of water supply and sanitation in rural areas of developing countries, *

  1. RECOGNIZES that safe water supply and adequate sanitation are essential for promoting rural development and the health of rural populations;
  2. ENDORSES the proposal to enlarge the membership of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Rural Potable Water Supply and Sanitation and proposes the inclusion of representatives from Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and the Republic of Korea, from the Western Pacific Region;
  3. EXPRESSES agreement in principle to the proposed programme;
  4. THANKS the Regional Director for having provided information on this subject.

* WPR/RC26/14

04 September 1975

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