Twenty-sixth session


Promotion of National Health Care Services Relating to Primary Health Care

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA28.88 adopted by teh Twenty-eighth World Health Assembly;

  1. NOTES that most governments in the Western Pacific Region have the necessary health policies and structural framework, differing only in degree of development, to apply the concept of primary health care in the operation of their health services and that many of them are taking steps to do so;
  2. RECOGNIZES the importance of:
    (a) delivering to the local population primary health care which combines promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services in the context of community needs;
    (b) making primary health care accesible particularly in the rural areas where the majority of the population of the developing countries lives;
    (c) ensuring that all members of the health services paritcipate in supporting primary health care activities at the peripheral level;
    (d) establishing closer contacts between health workers at the periphery and those responsible for community development, in all matters which may affect the health of the people;
    (e) ensuring that the health services use available resources more effectively; for example, by employing local manpower, after training, to deliver primary health care and by training single-purpose health workers to serve in a multipurpose capacity;
    (f) involving the community in the organization, development and execution of primary health care activities;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (a) to promote, and assist governments in preparing, national plans of action in the area of primary health care;
    (b) to provide guidance and assists governments uopn request in activities, including research, related to the strengthening of primary health care and its delivery to the majority of the people.

02 September 1975

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