Twenty-fifth session


Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the statement provided by the Regional Director on the deliberations and recommendations of the Working Group on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme, *

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC19.R6 of the Committee which noted a proposal that Member States might wish to pursue joint studies of selected subjects that are of particular interest to groups of countries, **

  1. WELCOMES the recommendations of the working group and the implications for the field of health;
  2. AGREES on the desirability of establishing a means whereby developing countries can share their technical capabilities and experience with one another and thus bring about more effective regional cooperation;
  3. NOTES the extent to which this is already being done within the Western Pacific Region especially in the area of health manpower development and the prevention and control of communicable diseases;
  4. COMMENDS the efforts being made by the World Health Organization to encourage developing countries to devise specific programmes on technical cooperation among themselves;
  5. EXPRESSES the hope that governments of developing countries will cooperate with WHO in these efforts and assist the Director-General in supporting and implementing the recommendations of the UNDP Working Group as they apply to the field of health.

* WP/RC25/13

** See page 6

09 September 1974

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