Twenty-fifth session


Development of the Antimalaria Programme

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA27.51 adopted by the Twenty-seventh World Health Assembly, *

         Viewing with concern the fact that malaria has remained a serious disease in some parts of the world because of:

(a) the financial and administrative difficulties encountered by governments of concerned countries in implementing their antimalaria programmes; and
(b) technical problems in relation to the behaviour of certain vectors and the resistance of parasites strains to antimalaria drugs;

         Noting with satisfaction, nevertheless, that in several areas of the Western Pacific Region antimalaria operations have had a marked impact on the incidence of the disease,

  1. URGES governments:
    (a) to establish the priority to be accorded antimalaria programmes in relation to other large-scale programmes;
    (b) to continue to give full administrative and financial support to antimalaria campaigns;
    (c) to promote a greater participation and involvement of the general health services in the implementation and evaluation of antimalaria operations;
  2. EMPHASIZES the need for continued vigilance even when the incidence of the disease has been reduced to a low level;
  3. NOTES with appreciation the bilateral assistance given by some Member States to countries and territories within the Region in their antimalaria activities and hopes that governments in the position to do so will continue to provide this type of assistance;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue to give all possible assistance to governments encountering problems in connexion with their campaigns, including assistance in resolving some of the technical difficulties connected with vector behaviour and the resistance to drugs of malaria parasites.

* WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol. II, 1975, p. 11

05 September 1974

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