Twenty-fifth session


Disinsection of Aircraft

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the information provided by the Regional Director in connexion with resolution WPR/RC24.R4 in connexion with the above subject, **

  1. NOTES that the Twenty-seventh World Health Assembly has recommended that Member States should accept as valid disinsecting of aircraft on international flights by the Dichlorvos Vapour System, and that most of the countries and territories in the Region have agreed to adopt this system, a few wishing to reserve the right to disinfect aircraft on the ground, as an additional measure if deemed necessary;
  2. REQUESTS the health authorities of Member governments to urge the authorities concerned to take the necessary steps to have the system installed in accordance with the specifications laid down by ICAO; and propose follow-up studies on the possible deleterious effects of the system and the development of resistance in certain insects;
  3. THANKS the Regional Director for his report.

** WPR/RC25/5

05 September 1974

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