Twenty-fifth session


Review of the Fifth General Programme of Work Covering a Specific Period (1973-1977 Inclusive)

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the Regional Director's report on the review made of the Fifth General Programme of Work and the progress being made in implementing it, *

  1. THANKS the individual members of the Consultation who assisted in the review and the Regioanl Director for his report;
  2. CONSIDERS that the Fifth General Programme of Work has been successfully adapted to the situation in the Western Pacific Region;
  3. NOTES that the majority of regional activities are making progress in achieving the objectives of the Fifth General Programme of Work;
  4. RECOMMENDS that:
    (a) the principles and criteria of the Fifth General Programme of Work for the selection of WHO-assisted activities be sympathetically applied so that countries in most need can continue to receive assistance from the Organization;
    (b) implementation of the objectives of the Fifth General Programme of Work be promoted not only through the increasing role played by the WHO Representatives in interpreting and postering the cooperation of governments in the General Programme of Work but also by organizing group meetings between governments and WHO to improve further communication;
    (c) the Organizations secures the fullest participation of Member countries in future formulations of the General Programme of Work;
    (d) consideration be given to preparing the Sixth General Programme of Work, as an updated continuation of the Fifth General Programme, covering a period of six years to harmonize with the new biennial programme of the Organization;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit the report and the summary records of the discussion of the Regional Committee to the Director-General for consideration and inclusion in the document being prepared to assist the fifty-fifth session of the Executive Board in reviewing the Fifth General Programme of Work.

* WPR/RC25/8

04 September 1974

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