Twenty-fifth session


Drug Dependence

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the progress report provided by the Regional Director in connexion with resolution WPR/RC24.R8 on the above subject, *

         Conscious that while drug dependence at present affects relatively few in number of the Region's population. it could become a more widespread and grievous problem in the future;

         Recognizing also the problems created by excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, which are of great importance in this region,

  1. NOTES with satisfaction that the regional programme on drug dependence is now under way and that provision has been made for its continuation and expansion;
  2. URGES the expansion of the regional programme to include the problem of alcoholism so that effective action can be taken to prevent its spread and to institute measures for its control;
  3. EXPRESSES the hope that experiences from projects conducted at national level, when combined with the results of research, will lead to effective methods of controlling drug dependence and alcoholism;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to:
    (a) pursue the studies on the epidemiology of drug dependence and alcoholism;
    (b) support training programmes for national personnel in the prevention, rehabilitation and control of drug dependence and alcoholism;
    (c) assist governments,' upon request, in the study and development of action programmes against drug dependence and excessive use of alcohol and tobacco;
  5. THANKS the Regional Director for his report.

* WPR/RC25/7

04 September 1974

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