Twenty-fourth session


Resolution of Appreciation

         The Regional Committee,

         EXPRESSES its appreciation and thanks to:

(1) The Government and people of New Zealand for:
(a) having invited the Regional Committee to hold its twenty-fourth session in Wellington;
(b) the excellent arrangements and facilities provided;
(c) the generous hospitality received, and
(d) the interesting tours which have enabled representatives to see some of the achievements of the country;
(2) the Right Honourable N.E. Kirk, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, for having addressed the formal opening of the twenty-fourth session of the regional Committee;
(3) the Honourable R.J. Tizard, Minister of Health, for having addressed the formal opening of the twenty-fourth session of the Regional Committee;
(4) The Director-General of Health, Dr.H.J.H. Hiddlestone, and his staff for the excellent arrangements made for the meeting;
(5) the Chairman and other officers of the Committee;
(6) Professor C.W.Dixon for having so ably served as Chairman of the Technical Discussions, the plenary session rapporteur, the chairmen and rapporteurs of the three discussion groups and the other experts who assisted with the Technical Discussions;
(7) the representatives of the United Nations, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Children's Fund, the South Pacific Commission, and the non-governmental organizations who made statements;
(8) the Regional Director and the Secretariat for their work in connexion with the meeting.

04 September 1973

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