Twenty-fourth session


Comprehensive and Coordinated Teacher Training Programme for Health Personnel

         The Regional Committee,

  1. NOTES the progress in the development of the Regional Teacher Training Centre for Health Personnel since the twenty-third session of the Regional Committee;
  2. NOTES FURTHER that:
    (a) agreement has been concluded with the Government of Australia and the University of New South Wales for the establishment of a regional teacher training centre;
    (b) agreement has been reached between WHO and the United Nations Development Programme for a year of preliminary assistance in 1973 with the possibility of further assistance as the projects develops;
  3. EXPRESSES its hope that the fullest possible use be made of the Centre for the training of teachers of health personnel;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to include information on the further progress made in his next annual report.
  5. EXPRESSES its hope for continued UNDP support to the Centre, which is of so much importance to the development of health manpower in the Western Pacific Region.

31 August 1973

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