Twenty-fourth session


Quality of Food on International Flights

         The Regional Committee,

         Taking note of the recent survey in the Western Pacific Region on food used on international flights, and noting in particular that bacteriological examination of food is not usually a routine operation;

         Conscious of the growing numbers of passengers at risk in flights, and knowing that not all cases of disease are reported;

         Considering the increasing public awareness of these risks generated by recent serious outbreaks of food-borne disease amongst passengers on international flights;

  1. REQUESTS the Director-General to bring this matter to the attention of the Executive Board 80 that urgent attention can be given to updating the "Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation" and to establishing international standards (including microbiological standards) for application both on the ground and in the air in respect to:
    (1) the selection,
    (2) the preparation,
    (3) the storage and
    (4) the quality control at all stages to consumption, of food served on international flights.

    31 August 1973

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