Twenty-fourth session


Resolutions of Regional Interest Adopted by the Twenty-sixth World Health Assembly

         The Regional Committee,

         TAKES NOTE of the following resolutions adopted by the Twenty-sixth World Health Assembly:

WHA26.3 - Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the World Health Organization
WHA26.29 - Smallpox Eradication of Programme
WHA26.35 - Organizational Study on Methods of Promoting the Development of Basic Health Services
WHA26.52 - Drug Dependence
WHA26.54 - Committee in International Surveillance of Communicable Diseases
WHA26.55 - Additional Regulations of 23 May 1973 Amending the International Health Regulations (1969), in Particular with Respect to Articles 1, 21, 63-71 and 92
WHA26.57 - Urgent need for Suspension of Testing of Nuclear Weapons
WHA26.58 - WHO's Human Health Environment Programme
WHA26.59 - Development of Environmental Manpower

30 August 1973

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