Twenty-third session


Long -Term Planning in the Field of Health, including Long-Term Financial Indicators

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the progress of the Regional Director on long-term planning in the field of health, including long-term financial indicators; **

         Recognizing that the number of responses to the survey forms received from governments in the Region does not provide an adequate basis for conclusions on trends on which a regional programme could be a based;

  1. THANKS those governments which have responded to the request of the Regional Director for information;
  2. REITERATES the hope that governments in the region will prepare viable national health plans, where they do not yet exist, and will improve and update regularly such plans where they do exist;
  3. ENCOURAGES the Regional Director to continue offering assistance to Member governments of the Region to develop their own capacity for planning, and
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to report again at the Twenty-fourth Regional Committee Meeting any changes or developments in health planning in the Region which would warrant such a report.

** WPR/RC23/10

03 October 1972

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