Twenty-third session


Drug Dependence

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC22.R7 on drug dependence adopted by the twenty-second session of the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific of WHO; and

         Taking note of resolution WHA25.62 which "urges Member States to initiate and/or increase their efforts to promote programmes of education, epidemiological studies, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and research;"

         Taking note of the following regional proposals dealing with the control of drug abuse and dependence: Working Group on Measures for the Prevention and Control of Drug Abuse and Dependence (WPRO 7301) and the Group on Health Education Programmes for Young People Concerning Drug Abuse (WPRO 7302), contained in the Proposed Programme and Budget Estimates for 1974;

         Aware of the lack of information on the nature, extent of drug dependence and on the availability of treatment and rehabilitation centres in the Region;

         Noting the possibility of assistance available from the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control,

  1. REQUESTS the Regional Director to formulate for submission to the Director-General a proposal, for possible financing by the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control and/or other appropriate bodies, for a pilot study in selected countries in the Region which could form the basis for a long-term programme to determine:
    (1) the epidemiology of drug abuse in the Region, including basic attitudes toward drug abuse; the drugs of abuse; how they are abused; who abuses them, and whether there are changes in the patterns of abuse;
    (2) the availability of treatment, including rehabilitation and research, facilities in the Region;
  2. RECOMMENDS that, at appropriate time after completion of the pilot project, the Regional Director explore with appropriate officials the possibility of inter-regional cooperation with the South-East Asia Regional Office;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to make a progress report to the Committee at its next session.

03 October 1972

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