Twenty-third session


Revisions to the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the proposals of the Director-General and the Regional Director concerning the use of the Chinese language at sessions of the Regional Committee,

  1. APPROVES these proposals, to come into effect from 1973;
  2. ADOPTS the following amendments to the Rules of Procedure:


Rule 21

         Chinese, English and French shall be the official languages, and English and French the working languages, of the Committee.

Rule 22

         Speeches made in either of the working languages shall be interpreted into the other working language and into Chinese. Speeches made in Chinese shall be interpreted orally into both working languages.

Rule 23

         Any representative may speak in a language other than the official languages. In this case he shall himself provide for interpretation into one of the working languages. Interpretation into the other working language and into Chinese by an interpreter of the Secretariat may be based on the interpretation given in the first working language.

Rule 24

         All resolutions, recommendations and other decisions of the Committee shall be drawn up in both working languages. **

** Fifth edition distributed 1973

29 September 1972

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