Twenty-second session


Resolution of Appreciation

         The Regional Committee,

         EXPRESSES its appreciation and thanks to:

(1) the Chairman and other officers of the Committee;
(2) the Chairman of the Technical Discussions, the plenary session repporteur, and the chairman and rapporteurs of the discussion groups;
(3) the Minister of Health, Republic of Viet Nam and Chief of the Vietnamese delegation, the Ambassador of the Khmer Republic and the Secretary of Health of the Philippines for the hospitality offered;
(4) the representatives of the United Nations, the Specialized Agencies and the non-governmental organizations for participating in the meeting;
(5) the Representative of the Director-General for the honour of the visit and his invaluable advice;
(6) Dr Dowling, Teaching Equipment Aids Section, Education and Training Division, WHO Headquarters, for his presentation;
(7) the Regional Director and the Secretariat for their work in connection with the meeting.

29 September 1971

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