Twenty-second session


Proposed Programme and Budget Estimates for 1973

         The Regional Committee,

         Having examined the proposed programme and budget estimates for 1973, including the programmes planned to be financed under the Voluntary Fund for Health Promotion and those included in the List of Additional Projects, *** and the report of the Sub-Committee, ****

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the new emphasis being given to inter- country activities which serve to generate interest in a specific activities a first step to the organization of activities within the countries and also to promote inter-country collaboration in the Region;
  2. BELIEVES that the List of Additional Projects should be considered part of the regional programme; and
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit the proposals as amended during the twenty-second session of the Committee to the Director-General for his consideration for inclusion in his proposed programme and budget estimates for 1973.

*** WPR/RC22/2 Add.1

**** WPR/RC22/18

28 September 1971

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