Twenty-second session


Modifications Made to the 1971 and 1972 Programme and Budget Estimates

         The Regional Committee,

  1. Having examined the report presented by the Regional Director at the request of the Regional Committee at its twenty-first session on the modifications made to the 1971 and 1972 regular programme and budget estimates, *

             TAKES NOTE of the changes made:

  2. Having considered the revised List of Additional Projects annexed to the regional programme and budget estimates for 1972 contained in document WPR/RC21/2 ** and those brought forward during the meeting, ***

             REQUESTS the Regional Director to consider the List of Additional Projects revised accordingly.

* WPR/RC22/P&B/3

** WPR/RC22/P&B/4 and Add.1

*** WPR/RC22/18

28 September 1971

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