Twenty-second session


Reports by Governments on the Progress of Current Programmes Receiving WHO Assistance in the Western Pacific Region

         The Regional Committee,

  1. Having considered the report submitted by the Regional Director on the current progress of programmes receiving WHO assistance in the Western Pacific Region;*
    1. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director and his staff on the preparation of a comprehensive report;
    2. NOTES that the evaluation ca only be made within the limits of the questionnaire and within the content and coverage of government replies;
    3. CONSIDERS that it is useful in obtaining government acceptance of the whole concept of evaluation;
  2. Believing that future evaluations of operating programmes should be undertaken, preferably in relation to the long-term health plans of governments;
    1. REQUESTS the Regional Director to:
    (i) continue to collect information and data from countries and territories as a basis for the periodic evaluation of the progress of WHO-assisted programmes, and
    (ii) report his observations and findings to the Committee every two or three years as he may consider appropriate;
    2. INVITES the continued cooperation of governments in the provision of the information necessary to permit the Regional Director to prepare the reports requested.

* WPR/RC22/12

28 September 1971

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