Twenty-second session


Training of National Health Personnel: Report of the Inventory of National Health Manpower and Training in the Western Pacific Region

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report submitted by the Regional Director on the inventory of national health manpower and training in the Western Pacific Region, * which had been prepared in response to resolution WPR/RC21.R11 adopted by the Regional Committee at its twenty-first session;

         Realizing that an assessment of the existing situation with regard to the resources, training and long-term projections of requirements of health manpower is essential so that countries are able to plan for and meet the needs for manning their services for health both in the public and private sectors;

         Having noted specific observations in the report which may be useful in improving and developing health manpower resources and the facilities for their training;

         Recognizing that the findings and observations in the report are components of the continuing global studies of the health manpower and their training being undertaken by the Organization;

  1. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue to collect from government's information and data on their health manpower and training and report his findings periodically to the Committee;
    (2) to provide governments so requesting information on the country analyses of their health manpower and training situation based on the completed questionnaires they have submitted and to extend such technical assistance on the subject as may be requested;
  2. INVITES governments to give high priority to health manpower training and development in the context of their national health plans including the provision of such measures as developing or establishing such structures, systems and facilities as may be required to achieve this aim.

* WPR/RC22/8, Corr.1, Corr.2 and Corr.3

24 September 1971

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