Twenty-second session


Long-Term Planning in the Field of Health, Inlcuding Long-Term Financial Indicators

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the need for long-term planning in the field of health, including the development of long-term financial indicators;

         Believing that financial indicators must be recognized as an integral part of the overall effort gradually to introduce long-term planning in the field of health;

         Reiterating that the long-term programmes and projections of the Organization should faithfully reflect the ascertained needs of governments for international assistance through WHO for their national health development plans;

         Recalling that the Constitution established as a function of the Organization "to assist Governments, upon request, in strengthening health services";

         Considering that the health of people is not only one of the end-products of economics development but is also a part of the infrastructure necessary to that development;

  1. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue to collect from governments data for the preparation of long-term projections and forecasts in the various health fields in the countries of the Region;
  2. EXPRESSES the hope that governments in the Region will prepare viable national health development plans, where they do not yet exist and will improve and update regularly such plans where they do exist;
  3. INVITES governments to convey to the Regional Director such information as they can o their national health development plans, priorities and objectives for the period 1974-1978, to be consolidated into the broad basis for determining the various levels of programme growth that are desirable;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to extend to the governments assistance in the preparation of the information required;
  5. REQUESTS that the Regional Director, in preparing long-term projection and forecasts, ensure that WHO activities develop as international inputs to meet national needs as reflected in government forecasts, allocation and development plans.

    24 September 1971

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