Twenty-second session


Health Aspects of Family Planning

         The Regional Committee,

         Having studied the report submitted by the Regional Director on the health aspects of population dynamics,**

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the rapid expansion of WHO assistance in this field as a result of the additional resources provided by the United Nations Fund for Population Activities and the further increase in requests from governments for assistance;
  2. RECOGNIZES the importance of concerted efforts by the Health Ministry or Department and all other Ministries or Departments, Government and other private agencies concerned, in countries undertaking family planning programmes, if programmes are to be successful;
  3. NOTES the difficulties which have arisen in view of the fact that research in family planning has been very inadequate to date and that WHO is in the process of launching an extensive research programme;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue to stimulate and develop such concerted efforts.

** WPR/RC22/6

24 September 1971

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