Twenty-second session


WHO Fellowship Programme

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report on the fellowship programme submitted by the Regional Director, * and

         Noting the importance of education and training in the work of WHO,

  1. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director on the efforts made to improve administrative aspects of the fellowship programme;
  2. THANKS the receiving countries within the outside the Western Pacific Region for their valuable assistance;
  3. NOTES that inadequately completed fellowship application forms, the late submission of these forms, changes in already arranged programmes, and inadequate notice of placement, hinder the implementation of the fellowship scheme;
  4. REQUESTS governments to ensure that completed application forms are submitted on time and that programmes once arranged are not altered without due notice and reason;
  5. DRAWS to the attention to the Regional Director the need for adequate notice of placement of fellows;
  6. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) with assistance of information provided by Member governments, to compile a registry of training courses available for health personnel in the Western Pacific Region;
    (2) to transmit copies of this resolution to other Regional Offices for their information.

* WPR/RC22/5

24 September 1971

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